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Driven helps you save up to 40% on auto insurance with the click of a button.

Improve your family's safety on the road

Driven allows you to get granular insights into how you and your family drive: from braking, speeding, acceleration, phone usage, and more.

Safety Features

Our proprietary telematics technology allows you to record every aspect of your family's driving, all in one easy to use dashboard.

Master Your Driving Habits with Our Advanced Telematics App

Driven provides an in-depth analysis of your driving behavior, recording data on speed, braking habits, route efficiency and more, to help you understand and improve your driving patterns for a safer, more economical journey.

Elevate Your Driving Skills

Analyze your driving patterns and learn how to drive more efficiently and safely

Family Insurance Savings

Lower your insurance premiums through demonstrating safe and responsible driving behaviors, providing added savings for the whole family.

Monitor Real-Time Data

Track your speed, braking habits, and route efficiency in real-time for immediate feedback.

We're on a mission to help 1M families' to drive safer, and save big on auto insurance.

Own your driving data, even if you switch insurance providers. Your unbeatable savings with the Driven app will carry over to any provider you use.



Up to 40% savings on your auto insurance, automatically.


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Our users love us for empowering them with critical insights into their driving behaviors, fostering safer habits on the road, and helping them save on insurance costs.


everything is FREE

Driven is completely free to use, offering you valuable insights into your driving behavior that not only promotes safety but also saves insurance costs over time.


Our users love us!

Our users often see savings on their insurance premiums within just a few months of consistent use, by demonstrating safer and more responsible driving behaviors.

Earn Unbeatable Rates

Driven users consistently earn unbeatable rates on their insurance premiums through diligent, safe driving.

Stay Informed on the Go

Live Stats at Your Fingertips

Real-Time Monitoring

Experience Real-Time Monitoring with Live Driving Statistics

Don't take our word for it.

Sarah Thompson

Since using this app, not only have I become a safer driver, but I've also managed to significantly reduce my insurance premiums - it's truly a game-changer in the world of driving!

James Toriff

I've never felt more in control of my driving habits - this app provides real-time data that's helped me improve my safety on the road, and the savings on my insurance have been a fantastic bonus!

Juan Martinez

Their telematics app is an absolute lifesaver - it's helped me improve my driving, become more safety-conscious, and save money on insurance all at once; I couldn't ask for more!

Amina Patel

Since adopting this app, my driving has significantly improved, safety has been brought to the forefront, and the drop in my insurance rates has been a great financial relief - it's the perfect driving companion!

Emma Wilson

Thanks to this app, I've gained invaluable insights into my driving behaviors, enhancing my safety and even earning me unbeatable rates on my insurance - it's a must-have for every driver!

John Lee

I never realized the impact of my driving habits on my insurance premiums until I started using this app - it's transformed the way I drive, and the savings have been significant!

Cassie Kosova

Utilizing this telematics app has been a game-changer, providing me with immediate feedback on my driving and helping me secure lower insurance rates - a win for both safety and my wallet!

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